GIS CCS research fields

The GIS-CCS is centred on multidisciplinary research the major fields included are:

  • Biology/Medicine (ethology, child psychiatry, neonatalogy, neurosciences, imaging).
  • Social and Human Sciences (psychology, sociolinguistics, economy, law, philosophy).
  • Physical sciences (signal processing).



From a general point of view, this research is centred on the study of social behaviour at the interface between  individual and it's environment.

The main aspect studied are:

  • The importance of the social environment during the development of cognitive, perceptual and social capacities during ontogeny.
  • The consequences of social, cognitive or emotional disorders on social integration.
  • The characterisation of individual behavioural profiles and the implication of individual cognitive skills in social and non social strategies.
  • the fundamental and applied aspect of human/animal relationships in terms of human/animal well-being and of therapeutic perspectives.
  •  Problems of human behaviour within organisations and markets.

In the long term, our research will focus on questions of general interest  such as the relationships between adults and young, the formation of social groups and bands and social identities. Our research will also be concerned with the  place of animals in economic activity and in the law