Several aims and application of GIS work

The short and medium terms aims and applications of GIS research include:

  • Specifying determinants of specific, normal, pathological, simple or complex behaviors (e; g effects of an antenatal stress).
  • Identifying key periods during  ontogeny to help improve the recovery of impaired cognitive and/or social capacities.
  • Improving teaching and educational strategies especially in the linguistic domain (For exemple the VALEX  project aims to develop sofware to help diagnos dyslexia).
  • Proposing trainings courses stressing the importance of social interactions during cognitive and learning development.
  • Proposing appropriate social environments (family, group of young childreens).
  • Suggesting improvements ofthe legal status of animals and of the EU regulations on animals well-being and relationships between animals and humans health and environment.
  • Approaching from an another point of view and by using observation methods better managment problems of organisations and of the behaviour of economics actors compared to experimental economics methods.