Gis functioning

Two main authorities pilot the GIS-CCS.

The group council is the head authority and includes:

Seven delegates representing each GIS section with deliberative vote

  • Head of the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) or his/her representative.
  • The president of the University of Rennes 1 or his/her representative.
  • The president of the University of Rennes 2 or his/her representative.
  • The president of the University of Bretagne Occidentale or his/her representative.
  • Head of the CHRU (Regional and University Hospital Centre) of Rennes or his /her representative.
  • Head of the CHU (University Hospital Center) of Brest or his/her representative.
  • Head of the CHGR (Guillaume Regnier hospital Centre) or his/her representative.

Four delegate with consultative vote.

  • One representative from the DRRT (Ministry of Research and Education).
  • The president of the regional Council of Brittany or his/her representative.
  • The Head of the GIS-CCS.
  • The Vice head of the GIS-CCS.

This group council  elects a chairperson among members with a deliberative vote, with a 2/3 majority.

The president of the group council is elected for of two years renawable once .

The Group Council meets at least once a year on the initiative of the chairperson or on the request of the majority of its menbers.

Attributions of the Group Council

The group council acts on any question relative to the general organisation and to the GIS functioning and particularly on the following points:

  • Defining GIS's scientific polity.
  • Supervision of GIS's finances and their ditribution.
  • Supervising and evaluating reseacher's activities.
  • Approving of the activity report  written by the GIS head.



The Scientific Council is composed of:


  • Two delegates from each participating structures, these delegates are nominated by the responsible of these structures.
  • Three qualified personalities (including a foreigner) chosen by delegates of the participating structures. Currently, two external experts work with the scientific council: Benoist Schall (CESG Dijon) and Marie-Pierre Camproux-Duffrene (Faculty of law, University of Strasbourg).

Scientific Council members are elected for two years renawable. The Scientific Council is chaired by the head of the GIS CCS or his/her absence by the vice head of the GIS.

The Scientific Council can deliberate if only half of its menbers are present or represented.

The opinions of Scientific Council are adopted with a 2/3 majority of the members present or represented.

The Scientific Council convenes at least twice a year at the request of council's head

Attributions of the scientific Council

This authority is consulted about:

  •  Scientific polities.
  •  The long term scientific orientations and development.
  •  The means and financies required to implement these orientations
  • The distribution of GIS means
  • The  response to give to regional, national and international calls for projects
  • The annual report.
  • Who represents the GIS with external partners.


 The GIS head is elected by the president of the group council on proposition of the scientific council for a period of two years renewable.

  • He / she coordinates the financial means assigned to the GIS CCS.
  • He/she participate in the implementation of the scientific polities in cooperation with the scientific council.
  • He/she has a role in the scientific animation of the GIS and in the coordination of the response to the regional, national and international calls for projects.
  • He /she has to produce an annual rapport concerning GIS activities
  • He /she represents the GIS at external organisations.