Scientific Interest Group «Brain - Behaviour - Society » Presentation


The scientific research group « Brain – Behaviour – Society » (GIS CCS)


The scientific research group « Brain – Behaviour – Society » (GIS CCS) aims, through the synergy of original interdisciplinary competencies of researchers in the Brittany region to stimulate common research actions and formation centred on the study of behaviour, and in particular on social behaviour, at the interface of individuals and their environments. The relevance of this research group is both fundamental and applied.

Research within the GIS CCS framework is directed by units recognised by the French department of higher education and/or by the main French research structures, hospital departments and their technical research platforms. The GIS CCS is also associated with a network of external academic and professional partners.

The originality of this synergy consists in a highly unusual interdisciplinarity in the animal and human behaviour research field and in its integrative dimension covering aspects ranging from neuron to high level cognitive capacities and group, and even population, functioning.

AIMS of the GIS Brain Behaviour and Society

The three main aims of the GIS CCS are:

  • To create a synergy between structures implied in research activities pertaining to the study of behaviour, and in particular to social behaviour, by supporting the initiation of projects associating at least two of the participating structures and, when appropriate, professionals.
  • To develop centres of expertise in education and research establishments in Western France open to professionals and to organise thematic study sessions.
  • To build a high level formation centre.