PhD thesis:


Title: Can bonding with the pet help autistic chidren improve socialy and cognitively? (Marine Grandgeorge, University of Rennes 2, 2010).

Co-supervisors:Dr Martine Hausberger(Ethos, University of Rennes 1), Professor Michel Deleau(CRP2C, University of rennes2), Professor Sylvie Tordjman (SHU Child Psychiatry, CHU Guillaume Régnier, Rennes).

Collaborations: centre of ResourceS on Autism (Pr Alain Lazartigues et Eric Lemonnier (CHU de Brest).

Funding: Sommer Foundation, funds for structuring research at university of Rennes 1 for Ethos)

Contact: Marine GRANGEORGE


Title:vocal communication in wild Campbell's mona monkeys (Cercopithecus campbelli campbelli) in the Ivory Coast Taï National Park: acoustic flexibility and protosyntaxe (Karim Ouattara thesis, University of Rennes 1 march 2009).

Supervisors: Dr A Lemasson (EthoS, University of Rennes1), Professors J E Gmbert(CRP2C, University of Rennes 2), E N'Goran (University of Cocody-Abidjan, Ivory Coast), K Zuberbühler (Psychology Department, university of St Andrews, Scotland).

Funding: co supervision PAI France/UK grant

Contact: Karim OUATTARA