"Brain - Behaviour - Society"
GIS CCS: Scientific Interest Group

In the past, ethologists and psychologists have elaborated several project in common. However  these  initial  collaboration lacked visibility, so we decided it was necessary to create a shop window. thus, the recent creation (2008) of the Scientific Interest Group "Brain , Behaviour, Society" should fulfil  this wish. This group includes not only menbers from the founding field (Ethology and Psychology) but also teams of neurologists, psychiatrists, sociolinguists, philosophers, economists and jurists and medical imaging and signal treatment specialists. Exchanges of points of view from all these fields focus on renewing our approach to behavioural studies and there biological basis.

  Head : Martine Hausberger
CNRS Senior researcher
Animal and human ethology (Ethologie Animale et Humaine), UMR University Rennes 1 CNRS 6552
  Vice-head : Jacques Juhel
Psychology, Cognition and Communication Research Center (Centre de Recherches en Psychologie, Cognition et Communication), University Rennes 2